YouTube Channel

Hello again.

I just wanted to mention that I have an active YouTube channel where I upload music covers and "audio versions" of my short stories (basically me reading my stories out loud). No, I can't sing, but I can play the guitar and the piano, so I suppose there's that. Here's the link to my channel:

----- Well, that's that. Take care and have a nice day.
- Nukey

Blackout Poetry


How is everyone? Happy Chinese New Year.

I've been gone for a while, I know. I haven't been able to write much either since the New Year. It's been packed with university applications and classes and all. But in the midst of finding time to write (and thanks to one of my best friends), I found a form of poetry that's absolutely fun and doesn't require too much thinking (like rhyming and patterns).

Blackout poetry.

Basically it's the art of striking out (blacking out) words from a text and create a poem out of it. It is, in a way, destructive art. You can find tons of them on the Internet. They're super cool.

Here are some of mine (most of them are in my sister's phone though). Click on the pictures to have a better look at them.

----- What do you think? It's not much, I know. But I'll be posting more of them from time to time, as much as I can. Hope you liked it and have a great day.

- Nukey

Broken Dreams


How are you? How'd your holidays go? I hope you're having a great time, especially since 2018 is coming very soon. 

Here's something I just finished writing. Some, fresh writing, if you would. Although, I must apologize in advance for writing such a negative theme so near the New Year. It isn't really good to start the new year with a frown, much less a sad story. But I had to write it, and so here it is, Broken Dreams
----- My grades this semester weren’t good. Two C pluses, one solid C, and one B minus. I was a failure. A complete failure. This was my last chance to get a good grade for me to transfer to America, and I blew it. I had unknowingly taken my dream and crushed it in my fist, pulverizing it. Then, I uncurled my palm, where dust laid in its place, and blew it into the wind.
My parents said it was fine, that the program was too difficult, that it probably wasn’t meant to be. Maybe America wasn’t for me, maybe I could just stay here and finish my degree…


Hello again.

How are you today?

I wasn't planning to write anything any time soon but then my parents picked me up from school last night and we talked about what's been happening at home for the past week. Most of it revolved around my sister and how someone went up to her and asked to take a picture together. Later, the boy posted the picture on Instagram with a caption saying: "I met an angel". It was both hilarious and endearing at the same time. Then I got to know a little more of what's been happening at her school and honestly all I want to do right this moment is beat up every single person against her because though my sister is not an angel, she's our little fighter.

Anyway, with all these thoughts swimming in my head for a while now, I realized that I haven't been appreciating my sister as much I should. So here, is something I wrote for her.

----- Her hair is wild,
fingers calloused from
the sports she plays

She's like a spark
with a smile…

Modern Misery


How are you? If you follow my Wattpad account or read any of my work on said platform, you may have noticed that I haven't been uploading or posting anything there for the past four weeks. Nor have I posted any new work here on this blog for the past three weeks either. Simple answer to that is school. 

Two-hour long classes, perplexing group assignments, approaching due dates, emotionally draining tests, full-day taekwondo tournaments, finishing up the faculty yearbook, fancy award ceremonies, the whole thing, yeah. 

I haven't even had the time to learn French these past three weeks, and I'm starting to loose my French-ness. I would give anything for a few hours of peace to sit down, and write. So here I am now, hiding in the school library, away from the rest of the world, hoping to finish this blog post I've been writing for the past four days now (yes, I take forever to finish writing something). 

Unlike my usual posts of my recent work (and sometimes previous …

Flying Alone

[Personal Story Time]

Bonjour tout le monde. Ça va? (Good day everyone. How are you?)

Hope you had a great start of the day because I sure had quite a morning.

I'm pretty sure you're unaware of this (unless you follow my personal Instagram account) because I didn't tell anyone, but I went to Jakarta with my family over the weekend. It wasn't really an official vacation, since the main reason why we went there in the first place was because my parents were participating in the Jakarta Marathon.

No, I'm not going to tell you all about my trip and how we visited the National Museum, Cathedral, Istiqalah Mosque or even the zoo (but yes, we did visit those places), because that isn't what this personal story is about.

This, today, is about my first flight alone. Yep, me, 17 years, 3 months, 3 weeks, and 5 days old (good luck figuring out when my birthday is). I had to go back to my home country earlier than the rest of my family because my physics class was at two l…

2: Introduction

早安 (zao an, Good Morning).

How are you today? 

On this hopefully not scorching hot day (it's been unbearably hot in my country lately, everyone's getting sick of it), I give you, Chapter 2 of What Color Is Thursday.

This is something I came up with a over half a year ago (6 months). I completely neglected it after uploading the first chapter, which was basically sort of like an prologue more than anything. This, Chapter 2, is also a prologue (-ish). In fact, it's an introduction (hence, the name of the chapter). But I figured this is rather necessary so that you (readers) don't get confused with this and that. 

So here's a short chapter of Rue's past, prior to (but is still related to) the story.   

If you're not sure what this is about, feel free to read the synopsis and Chapter 1 before reading this:
----- I fi…