The Bear In The Woods

Bonjour tout le monde (Hello everyone).

How have you been? 

I'm currently on mid-term break now, hence the reason why I've got time to finish up some of my work and share it with you. 

So here, something I came up with while I was trying to shed some light on a friend who needed a little hope in his life.
----- You're a bear. 
Living deep in the woods, a forest. 
There, the trees are thick. Dense. Branches woven so tightly together that even the sunlight can't penetrate it. You find it suffocating, the mildewed smell of moss, the long feathery leaves grazing your shoulders wherever you go. Those leaves, coated with poison, injects negativity into your veins, and plagues your thoughts.

You’re not good enough. Not as tough, not as intelligent, not as good, they’d say. You lost your first love to another bear, strong and capable. You were no match for it. Hence, you're alone this season. In fact, you'd probably be alone forever. The others laugh at you for your failure, y…

Maybe Not

How are you? Hope you had a good breakfast. And a good lunch. And dinner. Basically food in general because I feel like eating another bagel but I just had my lunch so I'm trying very hard not to. 
Anyway, here's another poem that came up to me during the weekend and I would like to share it with you.  ----- I was over him Froze my feelings and locked them deep inside my chest
But when we met again last night my heart lit on fire
maybe not. ----- It's rather simple and I honestly think the last two lines don't really "connect" with the first half, but oh well. Any ideas on how to improve this poem are welcome.
I'll see you soon, human. Have a great day.
- Nukey

Against The Current


Okay, that was a little too casual and maybe a tad bit rude so I'm gonna re-do that.

Hello and good day, I hope you had a great morning.

On this day, 28th September 2017, Against The Current is coming to my country to perform. To make things short, they're a band. A really good band that started off making covers of songs on YouTube. Then they doing collaborative covers with other YouTubers like Kurt Hugo Schneider and Alex Goot. They even did a cover of "Uptown Funk" with Set It Off (another band I'm a fan of) and featured ONE OK ROCK's Taka in one of their original songs, "Dreaming Alone". And they're on Spotify. Basically they've grown pretty big over the past 5 years or so.

That being said, you can tell that I'm a pretty big ATC (Against The Current) fan. Unfortunately, today is a Thursday and therefore I have school. I mean, the concert isn't at 10 in the morning, but I still have class tomorrow (and a 4-hour driving class …

They Were Right


I know I haven't been posting/blogging for about a month now. Sorry about that. I've been busy with school. How have you been this past month?

Anyway, I recently read a few poems by my friend's friend, I. J. on Tumblr. Needless to say, it's pretty good, and nothing like mine. It was more modern, more relatable, more comprehensible, more... Tumblr-ish?

My poetry is more towards rhyming and pattern, and probably not as deep as most poems are - both classical and modern. So, I decided to put my typical rhyming poetry style aside and try another style of poetry writing. I'm not too sure if I like it, or if I'm good at it or if it suits me, but I guess that's something for you to decide.

So here, my first out-of-style (*plays Taylor Swift's "Style" on full blast*) poem:
----- They told me "one day, you won't see him as a friend

My heart skips a beat whenever someone
mentions your name

A smile blooms on my face at the


Bonjour tout le monde. (Hello everybody)

In case you don't know what the title of this post means, it's "sorry" in French.

Sorry for what, you ask?

Well, I'm sorry for not posting everyday or every two days like I did for the past 1-2 months. I've been busy interning with my mom's company and now that my school semester has just started, I'm afraid I can't sit in front of my laptop sipping green tea and munching on muesli drowned in honey milk anymore.

I know people are reading less and less of my blog and that, naturally, makes me sad. Maybe I should post something other than the countless novels, short stories, and poems I've written/I'm writing? What do you think? Any suggestions? I can write about health and weight loss if you like. Or self-esteem.

The main reason why I decided to continue this blog in the first place was to promote my work and to receive feedback/opinions on them. As you can see, that didn't go very well. Nonethel…

1: Just Ordinary Girls


How are you doing today? 

I know I haven't been posting/blogging for the past 10 days, and I'm sorry about that. I've been caught up in photoshoots and video-shoots during the weekends plus full-time internship at my mom's business. 

Anyway, let's pick up where we left off, shall we? So here's the first chapter of Nandoz Lab
----- The school bell rang, signalling the end of another boring yet exhausting day at Chester High. Students burst out of the door like a dam breaking, pouring students out of the stuffy building as they hopped into their fancy vehicles. Some who lived nearby and haven't gotten their driver's license yet preferred to walk home. A group of schoolgirls were those "some" who speed-walked out of the school and out onto the road, eager to get away from the place that most teens refer to as "hell".

"Ugh, finally," Onyx groaned out loud, throwing her head back as she walked in between Nolee and Dhiv, her m…

Nandoz Lab Introduction


As I said in my previous post, here's the introduction of Nandoz Lab. Hope you like it.
This is Nelly Allen, a seventeen year old science student. Her friends call her "Nell", since Nelly is too girly in her opinion. She's a girl who loves Star Wars and other sci-fi related things. Always calm and collected, she is well-liked by everyone. By everyone, I mean everyone. Including random guys at school that she doesn't even know. Though when it comes to making friends, she's not one to say something first and sits away from people she doesn't know. She picked up gymnastics when she was six, but stopped after she accidentally broke her arm during a performance. Also, it's a tradition for her to eat a tub of ice-cream at one in the morning on New Years. How does she not gain a pound the next morning?
At night, she's a Sith Lord. She turned to the Dark Side long ago, to tint where she has forgotten when she had even started her journey on t…