1: Just Ordinary Girls


How are you doing today? 

I know I haven't been posting/blogging for the past 10 days, and I'm sorry about that. I've been caught up in photoshoots and video-shoots during the weekends plus full-time internship at my mom's business. 

Anyway, let's pick up where we left off, shall we? So here's the first chapter of Nandoz Lab
----- The school bell rang, signalling the end of another boring yet exhausting day at Chester High. Students burst out of the door like a dam breaking, pouring students out of the stuffy building as they hopped into their fancy vehicles. Some who lived nearby and haven't gotten their driver's license yet preferred to walk home. A group of schoolgirls were those "some" who speed-walked out of the school and out onto the road, eager to get away from the place that most teens refer to as "hell".

"Ugh, finally," Onyx groaned out loud, throwing her head back as she walked in between Nolee and Dhiv, her m…

Nandoz Lab Introduction


As I said in my previous post, here's the introduction of Nandoz Lab. Hope you like it.
This is Nelly Allen, a seventeen year old science student. Her friends call her "Nell", since Nelly is too girly in her opinion. She's a girl who loves Star Wars and other sci-fi related things. Always calm and collected, she is well-liked by everyone. By everyone, I mean everyone. Including random guys at school that she doesn't even know. Though when it comes to making friends, she's not one to say something first and sits away from people she doesn't know. She picked up gymnastics when she was six, but stopped after she accidentally broke her arm during a performance. Also, it's a tradition for her to eat a tub of ice-cream at one in the morning on New Years. How does she not gain a pound the next morning?
At night, she's a Sith Lord. She turned to the Dark Side long ago, to tint where she has forgotten when she had even started her journey on t…

Nandoz Lab (Book)

おはよう!(Ohayou, Good morning)

How are you today?

As I said the yesterday, I've been posting quite a number of negative content lately. So here's a more positive post for you today.

This book is named after my group of best friends in real life, and revolves around the very concept of friendship and teamwork. I first came up with this story when I was dry of ideas and motivation to write right after my IGCSE ended in June last year. Basically, this story is just for fun.

Again, like the rest of my work, this story is on Wattpad too (

Here's the synopsis.
Nell, Agnes, Nolee, Dhiv, Onyx, Liz, and Lydia are just ordinary high school girls. They wake up in the morning, go to school, come back from school, sleep. But little do people know that these girls aren't the average teenage girls you see everyday. No, these girls are a secret group who work with underground thugs to take down spies and drug dealers. They call them…

2: Flaws

Hello human.

This is the second chapter/part of Broken. It's more descriptive than usual, but I hope you like it.
I looked into the bathroom mirror, my brownish grey eyes devoid of any emotion or life. Under the two empty pools, dark shades of purple and blue blended together, showing my exhaustion to the world. My skin was oddly tan, probably recently burned from accidentally being under the sun for too long. Wisps of thin hair flew around my face like unattended fliers, to the point where my own tiny yet overworked hands were too tired to push them back. I bit my tortilla colored lips that were too wide for my liking. They often gulped down excessive amount of food I had been desperately trying to control.
Trailing down lower to my chest, I wondered why I had such a seemingly plump pair. On the contrary, it felt flat and small, light enough for me to move around without being obstructed by the two extra parts I unwillingly developed at the late age of nine. The broad should…

1: Invisible

Salut! (Hello)

As promised, here's the first chapter/part of Broken.
The school bell rang, sounding like a knell in my ears as it signalled the end of the day for Khor High. I shuffled past the students as quickly as I could, careful not to bump into anyone or even accidentally brush them by the shoulder for that matter. I hated crowds. It made me feel suffocated, and it was only a matter of time before my claustrophobic panic attacks acted up again. I kept my gaze fixated on the freshly mopped floor, hugging my textbooks as if they were gold and pushed my wimpy legs to walk faster. I needed to go home, my sanctuary, to get away from this mess of a place kids my age called school.
I breathed a sigh of relief when I finally made it out alive. I managed to survive another day where the hallways were littered with crumpled balls of paper and food wrappers twenty-four seven. Students were as rowdy as they could get, howling and hooting like animals no matter where they were. The tea…

An Alternate Decision

[Personal Story Time]


Okay so, here's an update of my earlier post, "Cyst in My Nose". After the decision to go for an operation (which most people found out about through this blog), my mom's friend suggested that I go to a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctor since she too, had a nose cyst problem back then. She said one of the reasons why the cyst sprouted out was because of spicy food (which I love, so it could be contributing factor to my problem). However, thanks to the Chinese doctor from Beijing, she's all fine now.

So, with this fact in mind, my mom and I went to the Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor. The centre was located on the second floor of a shop lot, with one office for doctor-patient appointments, a mini pharmacy, and a roomy waiting area. Small and simple.

The centre is the one with the green-white banner:

There, my mom's friend (who was waiting for us at the centre) introduced us to the doctor. He was an average sized man at …

Not Alone

Salut! (Hello)

How are you today? 

Here's a poem I just finished writing for one of my best friends for his belated birthday. 
----- Howling like a wolf Atop a worn out roof Pained and wide awake Pressure caused an ache Yearning for a break
Beyond the horizon Is the first sign of dawn Rest, my friend, rest Tomorrow will be blessed, so Hop into your nest
Don’t hesitate to call Any time at all As I said on the phone, "You are not alone" ----- I made a graphic of it too. ----- Can you make out the hidden message in it?
- Nukey