6: An Unfathomable End

I woke up in a string of shuddered breaths, throaty puffs of my own voice pulling me from my slumber. I sat up, disbelief bubbling in my chest, my eyes blown wide. My body itched for warmth and my heart- my heart was speechless.

The clock shone a bright 3:46 AM where it stood on my study desk. Exhaling, I curled myself into a ball, fingers shaking as they wrapped themselves around my bare arms. There was no way I could go back to sleep. Not when I knew I’d see his face the moment I close my eyes.

I had that dream again. The same dream I’ve been having for five days straight. As the night air creeped through my window and blew against my skin, I couldn’t help but wonder if this was the reason why he left two months ago. “It was just a dream,” people would tell me. “It wasn’t real.” Yes, it was just a dream, and obviously not real. But I had woken up at least four times this morning, each time right after a dream. Each one starring the same protagonist: Nikkou.

It started off as one of …

Rain and Sunshine (Full Story)

Hi hello. 

So here's the full compilation of all Rain and Sunshine chapters/parts, to ease you in your reading instead of making you read one by one on separate posts. 

And yes, I finally finished the story. (After 10 months but yea whatever)

Chapter Sequence:
1. Crush 
2. Penpals
3. Pet Names
4. Misconceiving Awkwardness
5. Stormy Snuggles
6. An Unfathomable End
7. Sunshine and Honey
----- ----- "Please go out with me!"

I stared at him, body bent ninety degrees in a bow. Heart half yearning in nervousness and half trembling with hope. His mental and emotional status for the months to come depended on one syllable word: yes, or no. His heart was in my hands, every confession, every thought, every emotion. It was up to me to keep it, or crush it.

I drawled out a long breath. Contemplating whether or not to accept his proposal. He was a sweet guy. Never did me wrong, always helped me out, a great friend.

But that was all he was.

"I-" I began. "Thank you, Sakamoto-kun."


7: Sunshine and Honey

Some angst and enlightenment (.... sort of). 
----- “Ja ne,” Sakomoto-kun said the words in a whisper.
It was as if he wanted to hold on to them as long as he could, to keep them in his pocket and never take them out. It felt more like a sayounara, a final farewell, and it was tearing him apart. He didn’t want to leave. But he knew he couldn’t stay. I had said no, and that was that.
The weight of Sakamoto-kun’s heart rested heavily in my hands as I watched him walk away, eyes still as solemn as before. I looked up towards the moving sky, clouds floating carelessly in the wind. The sun splashed its colors into the blowing breeze, staining the sky with every breath. It was both beautiful and liberate at the same time. I envied the sky. Why couldn’t I be like that?
Sighing, I swallowed the bitterness of it all and pulled out my apartment keys from my pocket, the metal clashing with each other noisily. I winced. It was the only sound in the midst of the dying day, and loud clamoring was the…

5: Stormy Snuggles

Chapter/Part 5 of Rain and Sunshine coming throughhhhhhhhh
It was raining, the perfect weather to stay indoors and watch hours of anime with your best friend.
The picture was a typical one. Two teens, sitting under a tiny amount of sunlight saturated clouds from above allowed to pass through, all wrapped up in layers of blankets. Both pair of eyes were glued to a glowing laptop screen, the pitter-patter outside acting as additional background music.
The episode ended with a nostalgic croon, echoing throughout the room. Piano keys sang in meticulous care, and we took a moment to enjoy the silence.
I stared at our feet poking out from underneath layers of blankets in brightly colored socks. We were the same height now, a fact he loved rubbing in my face. At first, I was annoyed with it, downright vexed that I was no longer taller than him. Being the tallest woman in all of Japan was one of my life goals, and he was ruining it. I knew he was only going to grow taller, and one day pro…