Trip to Melbourne


Here's the first poem I ever wrote. 

From Kangaroos, To cockatoos, A sip of wine, Tastes so divine.
Black cows, With black brows, A flock of sheep, Just fell asleep.
Healesville Sanctuary, Samson Hill, They are all at, Yarra Valley.
On Phillip Island, There’s lots to see, On land, And under the sea.
To make chocolate, Isn’t that easy, Because cocoa oil, Is quite greasy.
Some penguins, Don’t live in the ice, They build burrows in the soil, That are just quite nice.

I'm Back

Well, hello.

As you all (should) know, I started this blog when I was 10, right after I sold my very own series of books at school for "Selling Day" (买卖活动). Later on, with the help from my mom, I self-published my Lila's Life series on E-Sentral, an e-book platform. I completely forgot about this blog and it has been left untouched for the past 7 years. Wow. 

Anyway, after reading my friend's blog, I decided that hey why not look for my old pink and flowery blog I had when I was a innocuous little child.  That's how I stumbled upon this blog I oh-so-accidentally forgotten when I was searching for my childhood blog where I wrote my own version of Upin & Ipin and Fairytopia (which I just recently realized were basically fan-fictions. I wrote fan-fictions at the age of 6. And I didn't even know about it. What even.). 

Moving on, I think I should continue this blog. It seems... nice? I changed the theme to suit my sixteen-going-on-seventeen year old self becaus…

Lila's Life : Lila's Trip to the Zoo

Foreword Hi, 
Thank you for reading my book. This isBook 5 of LilasLife.LilasLifeis about the life of a seven year old girl. There are five books all together. Book 5 is about LilaTrip to the Zoowith her family.LilasLifeis for children ages 3-5. I hope you enjoy my stories as much as I enjoy writing them. Nukey
Made for children by another child
Lila’s Family Lila is a seven years old girl. She is cute, kind and funny. This is Lila’s family. This is Lommo, Lila and Lokko.


Angelina Pink Book 3: The Hidden Treasure

Angelina Pink Book 3: TheHiddenTreasure
  Angelina Pink is 11 years old. She lives with her father, mother and younger sister, Angel in AcornTown. Angel is 7 years old.
Angelina Pink likes to solve mysteries. She has a team. Her team solves mysteries. Her team’s name isTheAGirls. Angelina, Angel, Anna, Alice and Alina are TheAGirls.
Anna is 7 years old. She is Angel’s best friend. Aliceis 11 years old. She is Angelina’s best friend. Alina is Alice’s younger sister. She is 9 years old. Angelina, Angel, Anna, Alice and Alina are all in the same school. The school’s name is AcornGirlSchool.
  One day, when Mr. Pink, Mrs. Pink, Angelina and Angel were at Granny and Grandpa’s house, Angelina and Angel found a treasure map.
  “Granny, is this a treasure map?” asked Angelina.
Granny was shocked. How did Angelina find it?
  “Yes, it is.” said Granny. “Granny you don’t look well. Is something wrong?” asked Angel. “Yes, I was shocked to see how Angelina found the treasure map.” said Granny.
  “Why Gra…